Without A Piano,
A House Is
Not A Home

Yamaha U1 - Silent Upright Piano

For sale due to relocation




The Yamaha Silent Piano

Learning to play the piano is a
long process of repetitive finger
co-ordination, building a foundation
of muscle-memory, learning scales,
chords and tunes.

For the player it is important
to hear everything, but the
plinky-plonky, stop-start, thumping
of the keys drives everyone else mad.

So Yamaha has designed
the ultimate piano.

Press the middle pedal,
slide it to the left,
reach under the keyboard
with your right hand,
hit the power switch
and plug-in headphones.

The keys no longer hit
the strings, and electronic
sensors switch on …
You are now playing the
sound of the top Yamaha
Concert Grand Piano.

No-one else can hear you!

The first time others hear you,
the piece is polished and
perfect. No embarrassment.

If you want, you can take
an audio feed and use
it in speakers, or to record.

The Silent range is much
more expensive than the
normal acoustic piano …
but what price is your sanity worth?

For shift-workers who arrive
home at 2 a.m. wide awake,
they can practise before going
to bed, and not wake the
neighbours. Great for people
who live in apartments.

Yamaha Silent

Click HERE to see Yamaha's
U1-Silent Webpage

HERE to see the
stunning U1 - Silent

HERE for a demonstration
of how it works

Jamie Cullum, outdoor in
London at 4:30 a.m.,
shows how the Yamaha Silent

Piano Serial Number



30,0000 AED


Tomsun Music, the Dubai
retailers of this fine instrument
are charging
60,000 AED new.

Mine can be yours, delivered,
installed in your new location,
and tuned by the best piano
tuner in Dubai, for only
30,000 aed.*

Mine was purchased in 2005
and has been rarely-played.
In all aspects it appears brand

Newfound Pianos are Dubai's
professional piano-movers.
After payment, they will deliver
the piano to your location within
Dubai and install it for you.

Joseph Cleetus is Dubai's best
piano tuner. As well as being the
exclusive tuner of this piano, he
has tuned pianos for
Elton John,
Stevie Wonder, Lionel Ritchie

Celine Dion.

Included in the
30,000 aed sale
price, he will come to your location
within Dubai and tune the piano
after it has been delivered.

*The price is negotiable, if the final sale price is
less than
30,000 aed, then Dubai delivery
and tuning are
not included.



Yamaha U1 Silent


A Tropical piano, this beautiful
piece of furniture was built from
aged wood in Indonesia.

Which means that it is
less sensitive to the
temperature changes which
affect the pianos produced
in the the Japanese factory.

Making it ideal for Dubai.


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