2016 - 2017 On Tour Pics
a380_me-from-dallas Coming Back From Dallas Guillermo Nistal and I were snapped by a colleague over Iran _______________________ aircraftcontrails _______________________ qf94cloud Anzac Day 2017 Qantas 94 sneaks in above the Dawn Service _____________________________ dsc_0010 Wing Lights Save The Yellowed Bellied Sap Suckers
There are two types of A380 pilots: those who use Wing Lights and those who don't. Some people seem to think staying dark saves fuel, whereas I reckon we should give all other aviators (including the Yellowed Bellied Sap Suckers) the best possible chance. Days like today, with a high speed, 700 kph dash over Melbourne's eastern suburbs, they need all the help they can get. They also help oncoming pilots notice the aircraft type, so they can plan for the wake that descends at 500 feet per minute.
dsc_0021 _____________________________ fa18friday 2017 Melbourne Grand Prix See all the photos HERE  rou_24mar17 rou_24mar17b fa182friday-3 _____________________________ grantwalker1 Grant Walker Out for a Sunday drive at Yarrowee. grantwalker2-2 _____________________________ qf93_13mar17a Three Hours Later … As QF93, VH-OQA is on her way to LAX again. _____________________________ pc_qf94_13mar17_a Captain Paul Carruthers Flies QF94, (VH-OQA —named after Nancy-Bird Walton) over  Melbourne to arrive 14 mins early from LAX. pc_qf94_13mar17 _____________________________ fullmoon13mar17 Southern Moon The moon, as seen from Melbourne, Australia.  _____________________________ ek40712mar17 Stealth Flight 11 mins early, EK 407 (A6-EEH) arrives over Melbourne enroute from Auckland.  _____________________________ moombafw2 Let There Be Light And there was. And it was good. Melbourne's Moomba Fireworks.  _____________________________ 787wing What Americans Know There are many things Americans don't know. How to eat Vegemite on toast for one. But they sure know how to make beautiful aircraft wings. United's 787 has the speed brakes out in preparation to commence the RNAV approach to Melbourne International. _____________________________ pyramids350 Giza, Egypt The Giza plateau, and its pyramids, on the outskirts of Cairo. _____________________________ qf94_pcb_28feb_m Captain Paul Carruthers Approaching the end of Qantas LAX-MEL flight 94, and rocketing over  Melbourne's eastern suburbs at 250 knots (463kph). Five minutes early, he is  commanding Airbus A380 VH-OQH, named Reginald Ansett after the  founder of the now-defunct Ansett Airlines. qf94_pc_28feb_m _____________________________ ual98_27feb17smal United Flight 98 After being held, then given track stretching, the LAX-MEL flight ended-up 13 mins late. Boeing 787 (N35953) just about to commence the  RNAV 34 approach on the 27th Feb 2017. _____________________________ roulette67 Australia's Roulettes  Performing over Melbourne for Australia Day 2017 rouletteclose roulettebirds Too Many Things With Wings  You don't need to meet birds  when you have to work on Australia Day _____________________________ qf94_oqj_16jan The Crew Of QF94  Made up 42 minutes over the Pacific last night _____________________________ morning-balloon Sunday Morning In Melbourne  Waking-up to the sound of gas jets, quiet chatter,  camera shutters and clinking champagne glasses. _____________________________ tv-reception TV Reception  Sometimes channel two goes on the blink _____________________________ schools-in School's In  Albert Park Primary gets a third storey in time for the new school year __________________________ jn_cake jn-a380-sep-2016.png 'Brakes Set, Engines Off. Parking Checklist Please'  After thirty-one and a half years it's time to hang-up the wings. ______________________________ lastnight-frt-lite (c)Victor Pody2016 Emirates 407 Super . MEL-DXB 24th Sept 2016  Thank you for making my last flight so memorable. High-Res copies of Victor Pody's images of my last flight  are available for purchase for A$200 each HERE  last-flight-side-lite (c)Victor Pody2016 last-flight-red-lite.png (c)Victor Pody2016 THE AIRBUS A380 IS (NOT) A DUD ... Read why the articles you are seeing are wrong HERE

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