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Thank you for purchasing my book.

You’ve probably read this a million times, you even see it on the inside page of instructions manuals. My SS Commodore in Dubai, (where it’s badged as a Chevvy Lumina), has a whole page devoted to thanking you for purchasing their car. You keep reading, wondering if they are going to apologise for some major design fault in the last paragraph.

Until you’ve gone through the authoring process yourself, you cannot imagine how humble you feel when someone actually parts with money to complete the circle that started off as a dream and soon became an all-consuming process.

So, again, thank you.

During your reading there will be two references to outside material. Both are freely available on the internet.

The first is the BBC UK theme, which goes with the
End Of An Empire chapter.

Click HERE to go to the BBC page and listen to the theme.

Second is in the chapter relating to Vietnam :
The Power of Photography. It is the ITN footage of the South Vietnam Air Force’s napalm attack on the village of Trang Bang and the subsequent realisation that they have hit innocent civilians, including Kim Phuc.

It is horrifying footage.

However, if you live in a country where the governments fight wars on your behalf, maybe you should steel yourself and take a look. Over a million people already have.

CAUTION !! Again, don’t press this link HERE unless you are over 18 and have a strong stomach.

Now a Peace Ambassador for the United Nations, Kim Phuc lives in Canada. See her talk about her experiences

You can also hear Eddie Adams, the AP Photographer, talking about taking one of three pictures that changed the world, reproduced in the Vietnam : The Power of Photography chapter, HERE.