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The Crash
Of MH370

is a 204 page examination of one
those ground-breaking accidents
that changes our way of thinking.

This book is an analysis of the
mystery that is the missing
Malaysian Airlines 777, and
one of the first to be published
after the search concluded. 

Unlike previous books about
the ghost plane written by
well-meaning amateur pilots
and journalists, the author is
an industry insider; an A380
captain with similar experience
to the missing pilot. 

It examines the facts, who’s who,
the flight and search. The latter half
dispels the various theories, and
provides the author’s best guess as
to what happened before delivering a list
of thirteen urgent industry recommendations.

Rarely do we hear from people within
this industry. From pilots and air traffic
controllers to crash investigators, their
employment contracts stipulate:
no media. 

That James Nixon has chosen to write this
book within three months of his retirement
means we are given a rare chance to peek
behind the cockpit door.

It has received wide acclaim
worldwide and became an Amazon
bestseller shortly after release.

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