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Tribute to Australia's best aviation journo HERE

Australian Aviation Security
Peter Lloyd from ABC Radio asked James for a pilot's view about airborne bombs and Australia's airport security. Click the link: 2017-08-04-NIXON_TheWorldToday


The Long Haul Pilot's Life

With every second sector being 'back-of-clock', long haul Pilots develop an acute sense of the phases of the moon. Some nights, flying into a full moon all night you use the Airbus's fitted sunshades and hardly see anything outside the cockpit — landing with sand in your eyes. During new moon phases the sky is alive with the Milky Way above and regular shooting stars.


a380-cloud Creating Its Own Cloud

As it flows over the top of the wing, the moist accelerating air molecules release latent heat which condenses. VH-OQG, as Qantas 94, creates its own cloud as it races over Melbourne at 191 knots (353kph).

a380-cloud-2 Moments before and afterwards a380-cloud-3

a380_me-from-dallas Coming Back From Dallas
Guillermo Nistal and I were snapped by a colleague over Iran

Melbourne's New Airport Radio 3AW's Darren James asked about the proposed new airport in Melbourne's southeast
Click the link: 2017Jun5_3AW_Airport

The World's Best Pilot, F.O.Sirri,
  and their Paid Passenger
Ross & John's Rumour File, a story about a
787 starting problem at Sydney last week
Click the link Rumour THE OTHER RIGHT


aircraftcontrails Contaminated Air In Aircraft

My book, The Crash of MH 370, advises that there are 1,300 smoke or fumes in USA and UK every day, and makes 13 urgent recommendations Dr Susan Michaelis of the University of Stirling’s occupational and environmental health research group says, of contaminated air inside aircraft: "It’s unsafe. This is not all about health. This is also about flight safety. If air crew are incapacitated in flight, everyone is at risk.”

The Independent's article is HERE
Radio 3AW's Ross Stevenson & John Burns  interviewed Dr Michaelis:
Contaminated Air

The Malaysian Airlines Bomb Scare

Jon Faine asked James for a pilot's take on events last night at Melbourne Airport Click the link ABC774 Jon Faine


Funeral Of A Hero 
Tony Moclair asked James to report on  the funeral of Peter Issacson AM, DFC, AFC, DFM


Anzac Day 2017
Qantas 94 sneaks in above the Dawn Service

Wing Lights
Save The Yellowed Bellied Sap Suckers

There are two types of A380 pilots: those who use Wing Lights and those who don't. Some people seem to think staying dark saves fuel, whereas I reckon we should give all other aviators (including the Yellowed Bellied Sap Suckers) the best possible chance. Days like today, with a high speed, 700 kph dash over Melbourne's eastern suburbs, they need all the help they can get. They also help oncoming pilots notice the aircraft type, so they can plan for the wake that descends at 500 feet per minute.



What Happened To MH370?
Tony Moclair asked about the new book  "The Crash Of MH370
Click the link: 2017Mar13_3AW_MH370 

Chelsea Brown
The night she made me clever HERE


2017 Melbourne Grand Prix See all the photos HERE 




Grant Walker
Out for a Sunday drive at Yarrowee.


Three Hours Later …
As QF93, VH-OQA is on her way to LAX again.

Captain Paul Carruthers
Flies QF94, (VH-OQA —named after Nancy-Bird Walton) over  Melbourne to arrive 14 mins early from LAX.


fullmoon13mar17 Southern Moon The moon, as seen from Melbourne, Australia. 
Stealth Flight
11 mins early, EK 407 (A6-EEH) arrives over
Melbourne enroute from Auckland.
Let There Be Light
And there was. And it was good.
Melbourne's Moomba Fireworks. 

What Americans Know

There are many things Americans don't know. How to eat Vegemite on toast for one. But they sure know how to make beautiful aircraft wings. United's 787 has the speed brakes out in preparation to commence the RNAV approach to Melbourne International.


What Can You Learn In Two Days? 
Ross & John asked what you can learn in two days …
James offered to teach Burnso to fly an A380

Click the link3AW_FlyAnA380_Feb_06_2017-004

PERTH ENGINEER HIT BY LIGHTNING Australia: The Cleanest Third World Country On The Planet Read about it HERE

Giza, Egypt
The Giza plateau, and its pyramids, on the outskirts of Cairo.

Captain Paul Carruthers

Approaching the end of Qantas LAX-MEL flight 94, and rocketing over  Melbourne's eastern suburbs at 250 knots (463kph). Five minutes early, he is  commanding Airbus A380 VH-OQH, named Reginald Ansett after the  founder of the now-defunct Ansett Airlines.


United Flight 98

After being held, then given track stretching, the LAX-MEL flight ended-up 13 mins late. Boeing 787 (N35953) just about to commence the  RNAV 34 approach on the 27th Feb 2017.


Australia's Roulettes 
Performing over Melbourne for Australia Day 2017


Too Many Things With Wings 
You don't need to meet birds
when you have to work on Australia Day
The Crew Of QF94 
Made up 42 minutes over the Pacific last night

Sunday Morning In Melbourne 
Waking-up to the sound of gas jets, quiet chatter,
camera shutters and clinking champagne glasses.

TV Reception  Sometimes channel two goes on the blink

School's In 
Albert Park Primary gets a third storey
in time for the new school year

Phones Catching Fire On Aeroplanes
Hear 3AW's Ross & John asking if it's true that premium seats crush phones, and what happens next …
Click the link:3AW Breakfast 9 Jan17
New Venture
Check out the link HERE.

Qantas To Make Perth Its Hub
Hear 6PR's Adam Shand asking about the
  direct Qantas 787 flights to London.
Click the link: 6PR 22_NOV_16


British Tourist Gang Raped In Dubai
Hear 6PR's Adam Shand asking about the

dangers of local laws when travelling.

Click the link: 6PR-Nov_16


I won money on Sportsbet, got on him at $5.00

Do Planes Really Glide? 
Hear 3AW's Ross & John asking
if it's true that planes have the
gliding properties of a brick … 

Click the link: 3AW_2016 Oct 31 

Pilot's Beards & Uniforms 
Hear 6PR's Adam Shand asking
about the new Qantas uniform rules.
Click the link: 6PR_Uniforms_27_10_16 .

Aviation Communication
Hear 6PR's Adam Shand asking
  about the dangers of pilots
mis-understanding aviation English.
Click the link: 6PR_ATC_14OCT16 . 

The New Killer In The Skies
Hear 6PR's Adam Shand asking about lithium batteries and airliners.
Click the link: James Nixon 6PR Lithuium.

What Happened To MH370 ? 
Hear 6PR's Adam Shand asking
about MH370 - two years on.
Click the link: 6PR_MH370_Mar8th2016



'Brakes Set, Engines Off. Parking Checklist Please' 
After thirty-one and a half years, it's time to hang-up the wings.


On the way to the airport for his last trip
he spoke about his career to his friend,
Radio 3AW's Darren James 
Click the link: 3AW_DJ Sept2016

(c)Victor Pody2016
Emirates 407 Super.
MEL-DXB 24th Sept 2016 
Thank you for making my last flight so memorable.

High-Res copies of 
Victor Pody's images of my last flight
are available for purchase for A$200 each 

(c)Victor Pody2016

(c)Victor Pody2016


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Sadly his guest jumps way out of his field when discussing autopilots and pilots’ ability to “be connected” - he is obviously not a high speed, wide-body, modern jet pilot and sounds as if he does not hold an endorsement of an Airbus product. Understanding and working with the philosophy of Airbus is an involved subject. Their aircraft can be flown (and crashed) like any other.

His ignorance of the
QF32 incident is marked. As well as other examples which raised eyebrows, the Captain decided upon a non-Airbus approved technique of thrust management which resulted in the aircraft getting below the lowest selectable speed ( VLS ), kicking-out the autopilot on three occasions during the approach. As designed.

When discussing a certain middle-eastern carrier (NOT the flag-carrier of the country in question) and prices of aircraft fuel, the guest displayed his ignorance. His correct answer should have been
‘I am not qualified to discuss that issue’. The middle-eastern carrier is not supported by the government (in actual fact they pay dividends to them); they buy fuel at market prices wherever they operate and are treated like any other carrier (of more than 60 carriers) operating at Dubai airport. Which is why you may have had to catch a bus to the terminal as an Emirates passenger but not as a Royal Brunei passenger.

Dubai only derives 6% of their income from oil - they’ve never had much - which is why the father of the current ruler was wise to spend their early-gained oil revenue on tourism infrastructure. Methinks the guest was referring to the oil rich emirate of Abu Dhabi, which was - until December 1971- effectively a separate country.


Welcome 2015

Dubai’s Burj Khalifa once again put on a spectacular display, this time targeting the crowds gathered below. Most of the excitement was generated by the fireworks spinning around the huge tower.


Thank God That’s Over ...

For a group of pilots on a nearby roof, it wasn’t so much the beginning of 2015 that we celebrated - but the end of a horrible year in aviation. Maybe the last pic - taken after the hype - is more fitting the mood we all feel for the aviation industry of Malaysia and Indonesia - their management, pilots, cabin crew and engineers ... passengers and families. And for the thousands of investigators still trying to make sense of the unbelievable.

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